Sculptures by Ron van der Ende

Rotterdam based sculptor Ron van der Ende‘s specialises in bas-relief constructed from wood. His works are mostly wall-bounded and have an industrial feel. (Above: ‘p4004’ (2012); bas-relief in salvaged wood 196 x 156 x 15cm) ‘Yaw’ (2012); bas-relief in salvaged wood, 160 x 165 x 12cm ‘Yoshiwara’ (2012); bas-relief in salvaged wood 120 x 245 … Continue reading

‘Froissé’ by Mathias Kiss

As part of the ‘Sans 90°’ exhibition, fractured mirror ‘Froissé’ (Hurt) by Hungarian designer Mathias Kiss is on display at Galerie Armel Soyer in Paris.

‘Reborn Cardboard Sofa’ by Monocomplex Design

Sculpture project ‘Reborn Cardboard Sofa’ by Monocomplex Design produced a entirely ‘new’ sofa using 127 pieces of recycled cardboard.

‘Hopebird’ by Jaime Hayon

This 72cm tall sculpture was designed by Jaime Hayon for Bosa.