Still Life Photography by Jenny & Lee

A selection of still life works by photographers Jenny & Lee. Advertisements

‘Light Drawings’ by Gjon Mili

Gjon Mili photographed Pablo Picasso making light drawings in 1949.

Photography by Roger Deckker

Roger Deckker is a New York based photographer who specialises in fashion and portraiture photography. Born in Sri Lanka and raised in Australia, Deckker’s photographs have featured in magazines including W, Arena Homme +, Self Service and many more. His ability to capture movement is refreshing and creates a cinematic feel to all his work.

Sochi by Julia Noni

Photographer Julia Noni travels to Sochi, Russia, for her latest editorial. The city is situated on the coast of the Black Sea and is a a popular seaside getaway. Sochi is currently preparing their sporting venues for 2014, where they are the hosts of the next Winter Olympics.

Hurricane Sandy by NASA

As Hurricane Sandy sweeps across the east coast of the U.S., pictures taken by NASA have emerged, displaying the natural disaster in its purest form. The phenomena of nature disasters (albeit visually stunning) unfortunately do not come without damage. Wishes to all those who are battling the ‘super storm’.

Architectural Photography by Matthias Heidrich

Matthias Heidrich is a self-taught photographer based in Berlin, Germany. He captures striking images of his surroundings by utilising colour contrast and symmetry of structures.

Goths by Jamie Hawkesworth

British photographer Jamie Hawkesworth shoots teenage and child goths, from Whitby, for The Block magazine, with styling by Benjamin Bruno.

‘A Dream of Warsaw’ by Maciek Kobielski

Sepp Magazine’s latest issue features a special EURO 2012 profile set in Warsaw, capital of co-host nation Poland. Below is a selection of shots from the photo essay by Polish-born photographer Maciek Kobielski and stylist Markus Ebner.  

‘Absolutely Not’ by Pascual Sisto

Here are images from Los Angeles-based artist Pascual Sisto‘s 2010 exhibition ‘Absolutely Not’. Featured on the walls were neon light installations saying “Sayons Cruels! (Let us be Cruel!)” and “Ne Travaillez Jamais (Never work)”  based on Parisian graffiti from 1968. His works include a mix of different outputs — including video, photography, text and a lightbox … Continue reading

Grimes by Thomas Paquet

Musician Grimes (also known as Claire Boucher) steps in front of the lense for French magazine, Modzik. Photographed by Thomas Paquet.