Erich Hamann Bittere Schokoladen Berlin by Stil in Berlin

Mary, who runs the blog Stil in Berlin, photographs behind the scenes at the Erich Hamann Bittere Schokoladen in Berlin. View the full article here

Erich Hamann Bittere Schokoladen Berlin was founded in 1912 by, you guessed it, Erich Hamann, a confectioner who came from the Memel Territory in East Prussia. The business went well and 1928 the architect Johannes Itten was commissioned to build the new factory, store and residential house for the company, resulting in a Bauhaus building in Brandenburgische Straße, Wilmersdorf. Which is still the headquarter, production and distribution premises and furthermore houses the store and the apartments for Erich’s son, Gerhard and his wife Ingrid, as well as Erich’s grandson Andreas, who runs the company today.

Although everything is still done (mostly by hand) in this one building, the production, packaging and distribution, only 12 employees work here. Also located in this building is the store, still in its original Bauhaus Design, where you can buy all the chocolate variations Hamann has to offer.


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